Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Post 52- Take a vote!

Hey there everyone!
It's been one hell of a few days, so here's the gist.

I'd like to know what YOU folks want to read.

Are you content with my poetry? Or would you rather have short stories? Or even news?

This is your chance! Also feel free to suggest a topic that you've wanted to see done, such as a fantasy story or a poem centered on the sun, for example. And you can be more specific than that :P

Hope everyone had a good January!


  1. I love your poetry Nuker but your short stories are good too so I'm not sure. If I had to choose I'd choose poetry though, I'm a sucker for good poetry and I think yours is damn good in all honesty.

  2. I always say do what you want to do, as it makes it that much better and if you post it they will come..haha

  3. How about a short story about a dying sun?

  4. What about short stories based on what's in the news? :O

  5. Short stories would be my personal favorite, but hey its your blog, write what you feel like!

  6. how about a bit of poetry with the odd story...mix it up

  7. Oo I have been watching Sunshine over and over lately.

    I think writing a short story based on a dying sun would be a grand idea.

    But it seems the consensus is on poetics. Sounds good to me!

  8. I like the poetry, cause my mind bounces all over too much to read an entire story sometimes, but I like those too, they just take a little longer to read. You can always read them to me though! ;) In the end just write what you want to write Honey.