Thursday, January 5, 2012

Post 45- Part 2 of -B-ook of The End

Sorry for the late post, everyone. These ones are just a little bit longer. Really hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed writing them! :D

Better Not - sec 1
Buy Me - sec 1
Battle Corporation - sec 1

Better Not

We are all
keenly aware
of that simple phrase
'you'd better not'
and its implications.

That it is better
to not do this
than it is
to do that
is too difficult
to say
and as we digress
even more surreptitiously
into shortened phrases
and abbrev wrds
we may find
we lose pt of wht mks Eng
such a pwrfl lang.

It will become
gender neutral
with twice as much of a learning curve
and may God help us
when that happens
because you'll be seeing the older generations
completely ostracized from the younger ones
who learn more quickly.

So as we all capitulate
that downward spiral of
instant messaging
and A.D.D.
will create a new type of novel
(limited to 150 characters)
allowing us to burn what's left
in good confidence
just to watch the fire crackle.

 Buy Me

Buy me a
Rosy red ring
Ruby studded feelings
And maybe
I'll consider lying next to you.

Buy me a
New generation
Of peaceful peoples
Who work together to save our planet
And maybe
I'll lead them myself.

Buy me
More of the same
And a typewriter to empty my thoughts onto
And maybe
I'll write something
You will cry over.

But buy ME

Buy me
And maybe
You'll feel
That little bit
Of buyer's remorse
Because I've done nothing of note
And people don't seem inherently valuable.

Hopefully the added effort
Of buying my typewriter
Will prevent anyone
From ever bidding on me at auction.

I'd much rather sit
In the bid house
And play with all the unwanted rarities
Than be the willing pet of some
Corporation or
Nationality or
Military or

They're all too similar to one another
Get that straight,
And first sign of a profit
You're back at that auction house
Playing with that unsold typewriter.

Battle Corporation

There's a man in a suit
Looking through your credentials
And all he can manage to say is
Before throwing you back out on the street
And continuing on his merry way.

You weren't ready to work for him
You tell yourself
The job would have been too difficult.

But you miss that
Slowly shining sun
After pulling night shifts
At The Gap
And you wanted something more usual
Something to write mom about.
Perhaps you walking back in
Was just
What he was waiting for
The indomitable will
Of someone desperate for success.

So he lets you on
Introduces you
To a world in confidence
With all its darknesses.

He changes your understanding of Wall Street forever

Where the companies aren't just businesses
They're Nationalities
And every little clink on the sidewalk
Is a scrap
For the war torn street
Living around you
In the alleyways.

Climbing stocks
Are just rocket plumes
Money trading
Is the black market
And your suit of armor
Is just a windsor
Or ediety
If you're feeling fancy.

Your best weapon
Is your tongue
And your only goal
Is to pull ahead.

All this he tells you and you smell
The sterility
Of the linoleum underneath your feet
Before deciding that all you'd ever wanted
Was to be involved in the fastest
On the planet.

He hands you his card
And says:

Welcome to the Battle Corporation.


  1. The Battle Corporation you say? Hmmm. I think Legion or Empire would be more fitting.. But what do I know.. I'm probably a senial 82 year old fart :P I love these stories though. please keep them coming!

  2. I absolutely love this poetry, your writing's so far out and different, I love the concepts that you think of Nuker. And about your post on my page. I'd be more than happy to mention your blog even if it's not mutual, I love to help people get more readers, I'll try fit a mention in soon for you!

  3. Best weapon is your tongue, sooo true in many cases. They flap their lips so much you can't tell which way is up. Great ideas and take on some issues, at least in some form.

  4. I actually enjoyed this. :)

  5. >>and A.D.D.
    will create a new type of novel
    (limited to 150 characters)
    allowing us to burn what's left
    in good confidence
    just to watch the fire crackle.

    That is absolutely brilliant! Well done!

  6. Loving these stories, need to keep coming back here more often!!

  7. These stories are great aswell as the neat looking backdrop picture.