Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Post 51- News about me! (And other stuff)

So today for the most part i sat inside waiting to post something because i knew that it was the blackout day. I'm incredibly proud of the blogs that I follow that decided to do it themselves. More power to them, but i'm just too excited!

I am now officially the Club President of the English Club on my campus. In related news, for the third time in its entire history, my school is having a snow day tomorrow. How exciting that I was here for it!

Additionally I've volunteered at the Writing Center here as a tutor, with the prospect of working for the university to help students with papers and to teach group sessions.

I've also got a few new poems for you that I wrote in my Advanced Poetry course, so enjoy!

1 Thing to Find Out More About

Could just be
What I should remember
Because I always seem to forget
Exactly what I shouldn't.

If I knew what to cherish
I might make everything easier,
Make more money,
Bed more women
Or just live a better life
But since such an
Aloof mentality
Condemns me
I'm left with naught
But the
Of my own head
Which can't recall the reason
For starting a poem
Based on stream of consciousness.

Nostalgia Box

You turn to something
In order to look back
And see
A name
A face
Some sort of cue
To let yourself know about
Important memories
With a scarf
Or a toy fox
But it really only goes so far
As to make you smile and
Feel the weight
Of an object that can
Transport you
Like one of
Teleporting Trophies.


  1. Great news on the snow day. Sounds like you had an awesome day!

  2. @Interwebs Yea it's extremely rare for them to cancel classes here, even with iced roads and feet of snow. In the entire history of the school it's only happened 3 times (that's almost 100 years!).

    @Madmike HECK YES I DID

  3. Congratulations on becoming president Nuker, that's quite the achievement! Great writings as well as usual.

  4. haha we prob get 3 snow days a year, at least, for all schools here. The first poem really stuck out, great writes and congrats too.

  5. Dang sometimes we get snow here in Mayland

  6. Very good news! I hope you celebrate properly :P

  7. I thought the first poem was great, good job on posting that here.

    +1 follower

  8. Congrats on your snow day! My school doesn't do a lot of snow days either, so it's a rare treat for us too. :)

    Diggin your poems, by the way. The first one especially.

  9. "You turn to something
    In order to look back
    And see
    A name
    A face
    Some sort of cue
    To let yourself know about
    Important memories" All of this why I have some of my random things in my room, and my tattoo. you described this all too well!