Sunday, January 1, 2012

Post 43 - Broken Society Special

-B-ook of the End is making some interesting turns. As such, here's the new section 1 titles, and the theme poem, Broken Society. EDIT: Included is also the sadly missing The Book of W poem from my last manuscript...for some reason it's not shown on the older post. I didn't notice until now. Be sure to go back and check out Post 37, Another Big Project!

Section Poem 1: Broken Society

Better Not - sec 1
Buy Me - sec 1
Battle Corporation - sec 1

Broken Society

What we've got here is just another
Broken Society
Full of loser lovers who
Approach a dame
And free fuckers
Who'd stick it in egg salad if
The thought popped in their head.

The problem with these folks
Is that their general consensus
Of personal interest
Is in the investiture of nothing.

Were we really so young ourselves
Blinded too
When we led the riots into the streets
And called out the pope?

Now it isn't about us,
But rather them,
And how they try to ducktape those
So they'll stop spending
So much
God Damn
On useless crap like ATVs
Or ABC Family
Or the web.

What's the point of it all anyway
If they don't have a woman
To keep them warm.

That screen isn't going to smile back, you loser lover.

It's all just a slowly capitulating,
Blowing down and
Busting out
That will one day
Come to dominate the world
And piss off any
Interstellar travelers
Unlucky enough to fly through the radio waves of an episode of
The Real World.

And we're sitting here,
At the center of it all,
Trying to find our match online
When they're sitting out there somewhere
From our Broken Society.

The Book Of -W-

The Book of -W-
Features only the most exclusive ideas
Of what and who we wish to be.

It is personal and unique
To every individual
Who braves the dusty tome's pages.

Inside the gold-leaf is a kinder ritual of
Where you're all turned into gods
And told to run the universe.

Only thing is,
The Book of -W- pretends we're capable enough
Willing enough
To try,
When we'd all rather
Just look out for ourselves
In a universe
Consisting of singular perspective.

And the goal:
It's yours to decide.

Whether man stay beast or banish their gods of fate.


  1. I love this Nuker, some extremely exceptional writing goes into all of this stuff, I love it.

  2. You are most welcome. It kind of just flows from the soul.

  3. Wow I really enjoyed reading this and really cool background I love futuristic stuff. Sometimes I wish I was born 300 years from now :(

  4. Love it! Personal and unique like the Book of W.

  5. Love life poems are you following Pat Hatt he writes good ones all the time also

  6. I AM following Pat. I'm interested to see what he produces.