Monday, January 9, 2012

Post 47- The Final Piece!

Sorry for the late post everyone, had a busy first day of classes (and an unhealthy addiction to my new 3DS and Pokemon White). I certainly hope you enjoy the following poems, as they bring -B-ook of The End to a close.

Coming soon: A new manuscript. Which letter, I have yet to decide. Enjoy!

Break - Sec 3
Bourgeoisie - Sec 3
Behind - Sec 3
Beyond the Veil - Sec 3
-B-ook of The End - Sec 4/Conclusion


There's a break before the plunge

A sort of washing off of sin

I think it has to do
With knowing that
This is it.

I won't make it out alive
What I've known
Is all I will ever know.

My life
Like any stone
To be remade

Grown anew.

Although eternity does not frighten me
I am still scared for the others
Whose tears will mark my passage
To another place that they
Will ultimately join.

Perhaps such dark muses
Are but a method of coping

A contemplation
To calm my spirit as I fade away.


The purpose of consumerism
Is to devour those who are smaller.

All the gold watches
And decor's of mountainous mansions
Are just the pets
Of an ideal
To eat
To succeed
Like so much else in the world.

And civilization is but
A means to compete
With one another
In a more convoluted measure.

For us
Withholding basic need is an everyday affair

We make love to it for profit
Without a thought to the contrary.

Our stagnation is coming

And with it

The feeling of hunger.


Something to get

to want

a lustful thought

a denim's grudge

Lose it all if you fall into it
kick it when it's down

We all need to realize a leader
is just someone who has yet to be shaken by it
Truthfully it isn't so bad

We just put labels on everything.

Beyond the Veil

Out here
Like to mix

You smell touch
Taste sound
And your limbs
Refuse to bend properly
Instead choosing to disembark your body
To float away on their own dreams

This mauve sensation is too removed
To be found familiar

Time is simply a hurdle to be jumped over,
Run past,
Skipped by,
And once done
You are paid the dividends
One would expect;




Beside you
Others swim through the mist
For their own answers to who they are
And where they came from

It is always the same:

There is no memory here.

Beyond the veil
You are left to your own desires
It is where all questions remain unanswered and curious

-B-ook of The End

I once grew a stench to see what the seeds looked like
I feared the end of my hobby seeking activities
When a woman of no minor importance
Deemed me worthy to read a particular
Of no particular
Which depicted a
Rather detestable
About the reasoning of all mankind.

It claimed
We harbored a sickness that had no cure
And that in its reality
Circular thought was simply the norm.

Chickens and eggs were revered for their
And the labor of a thousand men
Only produced two thousand more of them.

While I at once wished
For such a simple existence
The woman saw the glint
Of my eye and took it back
Before I had a chance to read the last few pages

I hope

Was a tale of caution to any would-be reader,
Though I have no way of knowing.


  1. You really caught me up in the moment, great writing and I like the simple take life there at the end. Yeah got caught up in Pokemon too, but that was a while back.

  2. Congratulations on that new 3DS Nuker, I doubt anybody could blame you for leaving for a while! Excellent writing as always too, this was a pleasure to read as per usual.

  3. Nice ending to a great story. Nice work!