Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Post 34-First Update of 'The Golden Horde'

Starting this story has proven difficult, as the balance between history book and creative fiction is more delicate than I thought. This is the last half of the introduction i already posted.

With such a massive military, the Mongols had to bring massive trains of workers and materials behind the main branch of the army. Each group of ten thousand men was called a tumen, and subsequently subdivided in factors of ten. The most prestigious of these was referred to as the Kashik, where the Khans themselves led. It was made up of all the men in the royal family, but every individual within the khan's household, from officers to servants, served in the Kashik. Any man other than this in the Kashik was there by appointment, having proven themselves capable of leading, and in the most dire of circumstances, even the most junior members were qualified to command any other unit in the Mongol army. From here Batu and Subedai led the invasion of Eastern Europe, with the Kashik's own participation in a battle occurring at the most decisive moments.
Having lived their entire lives as nomadic archers on horseback, the Mongol army lived a life of pseudo warfare until any able bodied man reached an age of 20, when they were trained and drilled constantly in the art of Mongol war. As such, they were the most naturally gifted archers and horsemen in the known world. This would come to serve Batu and Subedai well in the battles to come, where the speed and mobility, coupled with the range of their horseman's bows, would play a pivotal role in outpacing and out maneuvering the slower, more heavily armored troops of the Europeans. The Russians first taste of this style of warfare would occur just outside the Riazan principality.
1237- On the Cusp of Battle to come soon!

Post 33-Cool News

A friend of mine just finished his second book and it's available for purchase on Amazon.

It's based upon a tour of the world he did, and is a collection of short fiction. Take a look!

The World In A Suitcase

Monday, November 28, 2011

Post 32-Beginning of Golden Horde story

Tonight i begin my story centered around the Mongolian invasion and occupation of Eastern Europe in 1236 through 1241. It'll read a lot like a historical deal for now, but i'll be posting updates through the process.

Here's the opening. It will be introductory like this for some time to help educate the reader on the going-ons of the area and period, as most don't understand the extent and severity of the Horde's invasion.

Winter of 1237- West of the Russian Ural Mountains

With a voracious appetite, the Horde, as it became known, had already pillaged and burned the countryside and holdings of the Bulgar people, who lived east of the Volga river, and taken the city of Sarai near its out-pour into the Caspian Sea. That tributary and its several bridges and roads leading West were a sign to the vanguards of Batu Khan and Subedai Bahadur that yet more rich lands lay beyond, filled with treasure for their Khans, pasture for their horses, and women for their men. They led their troops in the ways the horde had perfected. Miles apart large contingents were kept in constant contact through special arrows that whistled in the wind or by waving flags. There were couriers who bound their bodies in tightly wound silks and leathers, who rode their horses without stopping up and down the Mongol roads all the way back to the capitol of Karakorum. In this way the might of 120,000 Mongolian horseman, conscripts and soldiers pressed across the frozen Volga river. Ahead of them their many spies and scouts were fanned, into the Russian people's lands of Moscow and Vladimir, in the holdings of every Russian city. Their detailed reports told Batu and Subedai something they already knew; their approach across the vast forests of the Volga's West bank had gone unnoticed, and there was much land to be claimed. With an empire already stretched from Korea to the Caspian Sea, the Mongol army that was to become the Golden Horde entered the lands of Riazan and the Suzdal Russians, starting the conquest of Eastern Europe in earnest.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Post 30-Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm currently baking a chicken. It will be DELICIOUS.

Here's a poem titled 'The Many Forms of Inspiration'

We are people and
Animals too
Who view the world
Through eyes and
Try to label
Around us.

It is this act
Of putting a name to the
Tendrils of light
From a rising sun or
The red sky of a
Harvest moon
That separates us
From beast,
And yet we are limited,
By it.

If not for our words
We may never have crawled
Out from the dark of the cave,
Built great cities
Grander than the imagination.

The simplest reason
For our great success is
Our ability to inspire
And be inspired,
Not to act on those musings.

We are baser beings
Who need no more
Than bright stars
To rise to greatness.

It is in our books,
Our movies,
Our very next door
And we will now never be without it.

Also! I've been playing a ton of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Enough to make my girlfriend miss me even more terribly than she already does. -tear-

What a relaxing week. Soon I'll be posting progress of my short story based on the Mongol Invasion of Eastern Europe. Hope to see some people respond, and as always, $upport the blog!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Post 29-An Amazing Comic

I don't think I've ever posted a comic on here before, but enjoy THIS everyone. It's absolutely mind-blowing the amount of money floating around out there.

XKCD: Money Chart

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Post 28-Thanksgiving Break

Well I'm all alone here in this apartment. Not much to do but play Bethesda's wonderful new RPG The Elder Scrolls V, do some EVE Online pvp and play matches of League of Legends.

My time is fairly dominated by gaming for the moment. How awesome. Also, POETRY. This one is a POV poem from my grandmother's perspective.

So Very Proud Of You

We're just so very proud of you
For making it so much farther
Than your cousins.

They lost their way,
Unlike you and
Even though it was scary
At times,
You managed to get to college,
And to study,
So every time we talk to you,
We see you've grown
Oh so much.

It brings tears to our eyes
Because your Uncle did the same,
Those many years ago
And while you two had your differences
You moved past that
And now you know your place.

You've got to be the example,
And we're sorry for the many roadblocks
You had when you were young.

I'm sorry I slapped you
On that drive,
Your mother is sorry
She couldn't be there
As much as she should have,
And we're all sorry we made you sit still,
Squirming and screaming to be set free.
Can't you see it drove you forward?

Just so you know,
We're all watching you
And hoping you do
Great things
So I can say
“That's my Grandson.”

Come to think of it it's actually quite hard to remember my childhood, even my teen years. So this remains an opinion piece :P

Friday, November 18, 2011

Post 27- Back and it feels GOOD

MGMT- Electric Feel

A song for you folks while you read some poetry.

Where We're Going

The end
Is entirely up to us

What we choose to do
Is reliant upon
What we think everyone
Else is doing
And why we do
What we will do
Is only as important
As the way
In which we do it.

And if we're not careful,
Then there won't be
Anything we can do
Where we're going.

What Is Left

She doesn't want to live here anymore.

Judy can take her life somewhere else.

She takes.
She's taking it all.

Kitchen sink.

Everything she's going to need in her new home.

T.V. Bank account. Kids.
Office chair.
Spare tire.

She doesn't forget to get a little greedy by the end.

The Mercedes.
My promotion.
She keeps taking,

Taking more than she can carry.

The house she rolls away
Down the freeway.

My soul she bottles up
Like a genie.

My memory she blows away,
The dust of a life.

She kicks my dignity down the street
And punts it into traffic.
She sucks out my words and
Eats my liver

Now I can't drink this away.

And then she slaps me to break my pride.
Anger is all that's left.

For that,
She offers to take me back.

I can't remember ever leaving.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! I'm wondering where all my loyal followers have disappeared to >.>

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Post 26- I AM BACK

And may I say it has been quite a while since we did this little thing called BLOGGING.

I need to get back into that certain swing, don't you think?

Here's some poetry.

What We're Made Of

I found myself wondering this morning
And last night in particular
What we're all made of.
There's oil and water,
Dirt and grime,
Rag and bone,
Blood, snot,
Skin, nail,
And instinct all wrapped up in us.

But we've got thought and we like to use it too.
And here's something a little less known;
The warm sense of beach sand against our toes,
The cool breeze of winter upon our cheeks,
A greater sense of knowing that we just can't place,
Something soothing and calming and understanding all at once.

Some might call it being at peace
But I call it being beside Peace
Because we're not exactly a peaceful species.

Perhaps the most interesting part
Of us
Is that one particular spark;
Like the web of constellations in us,
Spider webbed through our toes,
The toes of dancers that curl and know the feeling
Of a matted floor or a wooden high beam,
Or the fingers of a writer
That love the curve of a pen meant to fit
Or the click of a keyboard.

That twinge in our nose hairs at the
First frost
Or the warm feeling
In the after glow
Where she's rubbing your back
And you're both smiling
At one another
Like nothing ever happened
And you're just 'Happy to be here, folks'.

And every once in a while
A couple of little transistors
Up in that head of ours
Go off in just the right sequence
And we feel happy,
Or At Peace,
And it's all leading
To one grand thought
Blooming like a rose
In the middle of fall.

Odd, but not entirely out of place.

We've all got that spark:
A little light of brilliance
That puts even sunrise to shame.