Thursday, November 24, 2011

Post 30-Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm currently baking a chicken. It will be DELICIOUS.

Here's a poem titled 'The Many Forms of Inspiration'

We are people and
Animals too
Who view the world
Through eyes and
Try to label
Around us.

It is this act
Of putting a name to the
Tendrils of light
From a rising sun or
The red sky of a
Harvest moon
That separates us
From beast,
And yet we are limited,
By it.

If not for our words
We may never have crawled
Out from the dark of the cave,
Built great cities
Grander than the imagination.

The simplest reason
For our great success is
Our ability to inspire
And be inspired,
Not to act on those musings.

We are baser beings
Who need no more
Than bright stars
To rise to greatness.

It is in our books,
Our movies,
Our very next door
And we will now never be without it.

Also! I've been playing a ton of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Enough to make my girlfriend miss me even more terribly than she already does. -tear-

What a relaxing week. Soon I'll be posting progress of my short story based on the Mongol Invasion of Eastern Europe. Hope to see some people respond, and as always, $upport the blog!