Friday, November 18, 2011

Post 27- Back and it feels GOOD

MGMT- Electric Feel

A song for you folks while you read some poetry.

Where We're Going

The end
Is entirely up to us

What we choose to do
Is reliant upon
What we think everyone
Else is doing
And why we do
What we will do
Is only as important
As the way
In which we do it.

And if we're not careful,
Then there won't be
Anything we can do
Where we're going.

What Is Left

She doesn't want to live here anymore.

Judy can take her life somewhere else.

She takes.
She's taking it all.

Kitchen sink.

Everything she's going to need in her new home.

T.V. Bank account. Kids.
Office chair.
Spare tire.

She doesn't forget to get a little greedy by the end.

The Mercedes.
My promotion.
She keeps taking,

Taking more than she can carry.

The house she rolls away
Down the freeway.

My soul she bottles up
Like a genie.

My memory she blows away,
The dust of a life.

She kicks my dignity down the street
And punts it into traffic.
She sucks out my words and
Eats my liver

Now I can't drink this away.

And then she slaps me to break my pride.
Anger is all that's left.

For that,
She offers to take me back.

I can't remember ever leaving.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! I'm wondering where all my loyal followers have disappeared to >.>

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