Sunday, November 20, 2011

Post 28-Thanksgiving Break

Well I'm all alone here in this apartment. Not much to do but play Bethesda's wonderful new RPG The Elder Scrolls V, do some EVE Online pvp and play matches of League of Legends.

My time is fairly dominated by gaming for the moment. How awesome. Also, POETRY. This one is a POV poem from my grandmother's perspective.

So Very Proud Of You

We're just so very proud of you
For making it so much farther
Than your cousins.

They lost their way,
Unlike you and
Even though it was scary
At times,
You managed to get to college,
And to study,
So every time we talk to you,
We see you've grown
Oh so much.

It brings tears to our eyes
Because your Uncle did the same,
Those many years ago
And while you two had your differences
You moved past that
And now you know your place.

You've got to be the example,
And we're sorry for the many roadblocks
You had when you were young.

I'm sorry I slapped you
On that drive,
Your mother is sorry
She couldn't be there
As much as she should have,
And we're all sorry we made you sit still,
Squirming and screaming to be set free.
Can't you see it drove you forward?

Just so you know,
We're all watching you
And hoping you do
Great things
So I can say
“That's my Grandson.”

Come to think of it it's actually quite hard to remember my childhood, even my teen years. So this remains an opinion piece :P


  1. Elder Scrolls V sounds good to me and nice poem

  2. Beautiful piece :3 keep writing please!!