Thursday, December 22, 2011

Post 39- A taste of things to come

-B-ook of the End is on its way. Here is a list of titles for the poems within.

Title Poem: -B-ook of The End
Section Poem 1: Born From The Anvil
Section Poem 2: Bring Forth Brutality
Section Poem 3: Beyond The Veil

Bust - sec 1
Burnt Forge - sec 1
Buds - sec 1

Blaze - sec 2
Bound  - sec 2
Benevolent - sec 2

Buffer-Zone- sec 3
Bourgeoisie - sec 3
Break - sec 3

While several are title poems and clearly marked section headers, others are just titles atm.

If on of these sounds interesting to you, or you'd like to read it first, post away. Otherwise, the first poems will be published soon, but later than if you request. Consider this a chance at a free preview of the manuscript.

Of course, some of these may never be shown, or i may come up with better titles or poem ideas later. All is subject to change. ^^

Hope you are all having a good holiday!


  1. Compiling it all together is my least favorite part. What's good, what's not, what pieces fit next to each other...arggggg.

  2. Looking forward to reading all of this, have a great Christmas Nuker Zero!

  3. Exactly Allen. But hey, over time, it'll be done. ^^