Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Post 20- Film, Theatre and LoL

So, this is dead week for me at college, and we're in the middle of final performances for my directing class. My show goes on Thursday and i'm incredibly excited for it.

It's a directed version of Dr.Fritz, or: The Forces of Light by David Ives. It's a funny, quirky play, and my actors have done a wonderful job with it.

Also due this week (or rather in about 4 hours) is a 6 page paper i'm writing as a comparison between earlier Soviet Montage (Namely Battleship Potemkin) and teh more recent montage film Koyaanisquatsi: Life Out of Balance. Should be an interesting look at the differences between montage then and now, and how they create varying degrees of emotional response.

As for League of Legends i've been kicking ass in the last few days playing an AP built Kog'Maw. The little guy is practically wiping the floor with the ranked 30's i've been playing, as long as i don't get close.

For you guys in college or even life, what has been something recently you've had to master or analyze?


  1. I'm out of college, but working on writing a piece for the local symphony. It's an arrangement of the last 25 years in Video Games, played by an 80 piece orchestra.

    Should be fun.

  2. Sounds interesting. Although I haven't a clue what you are talking about in that last paragraph.

  3. I had to analysed a romantic relationship :P
    good luck with your school projects.