Friday, April 15, 2011

Post 17- LoL

Yep. Figured i'd talk about my time so far in the game...

I'm the type of player who picks up either Caitlyn, Kog'Maw, Tristana or Kayle. And i'm leaning more and more toward Caitlyn cause i like her style as i get used to it.

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If you play, what's your favorite character?


  1. I don't play - but have started considering signing up...that pic certainly helps (:

  2. I'm obviously not playing it as I don't know which game you are referring to. Is it chess?

  3. I set up three rune pages
    One flat damage

    Two Health Armour Regen
    -Cho'gath (if playing tanky)
    -sion (if playing tanky)

    Three Utility/AP
    General AP set but with some utility thrown in there for karma who I love.

    But my favorite toon is Mundo because I laugh every time I do something stupid because you just blame it on "Mundo goes where he pleases"

  4. Tryndamere, master yi, teemo, warwick, ryze and my personal favorite Ashe.
    Trying to learn sion and sivir.
    Whats your username we could play together.

  5. Major Nuker. See you on the battlefield.